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Eat Real combines a state fair, a street-food festival, and a block party to create a celebration of good food. At the Eat Real Festival, participants learn where food comes from, who grows it, and how to make it. Eat Real Festival attendance is 100% free of charge, all food is affordable, and incorporates delicious, regionally-sourced, and sustainably-produced ingredients. Eat Real’s mission is to help revitalize regional food systems, build public awareness of and respect for the craft of making good food and to encourage the growth of American food entrepreneurs. Eat Real supports the Baykeeper, a non-profit organization focused on keeping our bay clean.

  • What is the Eat Real Festival?
    Eat Real combines a state fair, a street-food festival, and a block party to create a celebration of good food. At the Eat Real Festival, participants learn where food comes from, who grows and makes it, and how they make it. Eat Real Festival attendance is 100% free of charge, all food at the festival is affordable, and all food incorporates regionally sourced, fabulous, and sustainably produced ingredients. We know that today’s eaters are concerned about how to spend their food dollar yet are also increasingly interested in learning about how food choices can contribute to a healthier environment and stronger communities. By using fresh and local ingredients (and their amazing flavors), Eat Real aims to show how easy it can be to support a regional food system by bringing farmers, food producers and eaters together.
  • Where and when is Eat Real Festival 2020?
    With heavy hearts, we have decided to cancel Eat Real Fest 2020. After much consideration, we have decided the uncertainty and risk around COVID-19 is just too great. Our number one priority is to keep our guests, vendors, and team healthy and safe, and we don't feel certain that we will be able to do this even if regulations allow us to produce the event. We are sorry to disappoint you and we will miss the amazing, positive energy that everyone brings to Eat Real Fest every year. YOU make this event worth doing! We'll be back better than ever in fall 2021. In the meantime, stay safe, eat well, and reach out if we can help you in anyway. Lots of love from the Eat Real Fest team!
  • How do I get to the Eat Real Festival?
    We highly recommend festival-goers come by alternative modes of transportation. Parking will be VERY limited around the event, so please carpool, BART, ferry or bike: Directions to Jack London Square By BART: Ride the BART to 12th Street. From there Jack London Square is a short 15 minute walk or a quick Lyft or Uber ride away. By Train: The Capital Corridor Amtrak train runs from Sacramento to San Jose with a stop in Jack London Square that drops riders off right next to the Eat Real Festival. By Ferry: Enjoy a beautiful, scenic view of the Bay by riding the ferry to Jack London Square. Parking Garage Options: Parking: Market Garage 255 2nd St. Oakland CA 94607 Corner of Harrison and 2nd Street Customer Service Help Line (510) 828-4909 Navigating to the garage: Google Maps: Waze:
  • How much is the event?
    FREE! There is no cost for entry into the festival. Additionally, the Eat Real Festival works with our street food vendors and bars to ensure that all food and beverage is affordable, making this a truly accessible event.
  • Do I need to buy tickets?
  • Can I use credit cards?
    Yes! All bars and food vendors accept credit cards.
  • Where can I find a schedule of events?
    The full schedule will be posted in the month before the festival. Stay tuned on our newsletter for the latest info!
  • Is this a one-time event?
    Nope, this is an annual festival. 2019 marks the eleventh year for Eat Real Oakland!
  • What kind of street food vendors will you have?
    The best! Eat Real Festival works with street food trucks and carts serving a wide variety of food from tacos, BBQ, falafel, salads, sandwiches, curry, grilled meats and vegetables, noodles, fruit, ice cream, and hot dogs. We also have space devoted to local food craft folks (cheese, charcuterie, pickles, jams, and more) and urban homesteading where you can learn what it takes to get in touch with your inner farmer/forager/brewer/baker/everything-maker!
  • Who is putting on this event?
    Eat Real Festival was founded in 2008 by a group of people who believe that delicious, convenient, affordable, and sustainable food should be celebrated through an annual food festival. Eat Real is a social venture business. Our main product–the Eat Real Festival– supports a strong social change agenda. In addition, a portion of our proceeds go to support Baykeeper, a non-profit organization that has been protecting the San Francisco Bay from pollution since 1989.
  • Why are you focusing on local, organic, and sustainable food?"
    Eat Real’s mission is to put eaters in contact with chefs, farmers, and producers through an affordable and accessible event. Supporting a local and regional food system is important for healthy people, communities, and economies. Access to fresh and affordable foods is key to combating the serious health problems like diabetes and heart disease that afflict so many communities in the United States. And it just tastes better. This is why we are focused on food craft, street food, and urban homesteading and how they highlight the range of food options available that include simple, tasty, handmade and fresh treats. Additionally, when people purchase their food from street food vendors, local food producers, and regional farmers, the dollars spent remain in the community and support local businesses, creating a stronger and healthier economy.
  • How are street food vendors using local, sustainable, or organic ingredients?"
    By agreeing to take part in Eat Real, vendors commit to using 1-2 organic, local, or sustainable ingredients in their food. Wherever possible, and whenever needed, Eat Real connects street vendors with farmers or distributors to help get the necessary ingredients.
  • How can I get involved?
    We are always looking for volunteers in the busy lead up to the event! Sign up to our newsletter – the first place you’ll hear about future volunteering opportunities.




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